The Collective
Brand Campaign 2020

Creative Director (The Collective)

Amp London

Alyssa Boni

Ridley Scott Associates 
The Collective is a game changing way of living that brings together the best of communal living with the privacy of your own apartment to events and experiences that connect and inspire. It’s no wonder that a rapidly growing number of people around the world are proud to call us home. However awareness of the benefits of co-living and our brand was low and we wanted to share this story with the world. 

We collaborated with Amp London to create a campaign that celebrates the best of living at The Collective. Empowering, positive headlines talk to The Collective’s purpose - to create the best possible co-living environment, that enables people to lead more fulfilling lives, together.

This is a rallying cry to live how you want to live, whoever you are, wherever you are from.