The Times and Sunday Times
Digital Strategy and Product Design


UX & Communication Design

We worked with The Times and Sunday Times to design a multi-layered, multimedia content strategy, a new website and a new app for the venerable British newspaper. 

Through research we uncovered that readers chose The Times for its editorial opinion: a perspective that cuts through the overwhelming flood of information. Readers wanted these qualities distilled into an edition, that they could come to at reliable times of the day for updates and opinions.

Our answer might be considered a counter-intuitive publishing strategy: a digital edition, published 3 times a day.

Our research and design phase, including interviews with readers, journalists, editors, and marketers at News UK, unearthed four reading modes that people switch between: skimming, typified by glancing at a stream of tweets; dipping into stories, mirroring behavior on the paper; reading stories fully, like news websites; and learning, deeply exploring a topic, as readers do when referring to Wikipedia.

We built this into the experience of reading and browsing through the digital products, you could dip into a story, learn through connected articles or simply read in a high quality digital experience.